Do you have a printer ?

Ever try and print an internet page? generally it works, generally it doesn’t. the rationale for this can be that web site content is intended to be displayed on your visual display unit, not sent to the printer to be placed on paper. thus even if it's excellent on your monitor, the written page is usually fully tousled.  I’ve even had individuals decision Pine Tree State and complain that their printer isn’t operating properly, as a result of the words and pictures ar all out of order and misaligned. the matter wasn’t the printer, though.  That online page they were attempting to print simply wasn’t printer friendly.
Some websites ar useful and provide a “printer friendly” version of the content.  This typically works, however most non-commercial websites don’t have that feature. and really even lots of business websites don’t provide it.

But currently there’s an answer – and it’s free.  It’s a web service referred to as Print Friendly.
Using this service couldn't be any easier. once you’re viewing an internet site you wish to print, click only once up within the address bar to focus on the address, then do a right-click and select “Copy”.
Here’s AN example.  I visited AN MSN article.  A screenshot of the web site article is below.  As you'll see the screen is untidy with all types of junk – navigation links, social media buttons, ads, links to alternative stories, and a number of other pictures.  There’s such a lot stuff that so as to browse past the primary few lines of the article, you've got to scroll down.  I don’t would like all that further stuff  – all i would like to print is simply the words within the article.
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Automating Things with Batch Files They Work on Today's Computers Too!

If you're familiar with MS-DOS at all, you'll recall that it's a command-driven operating system that performs functions issued at the C:> prompt. The only way to get an MS-DOS computer to do something was to type a command at this prompt and if you can imagine, it was a rather cumbersome way to use a computer. Canon imagePRESS C750 Driver

As an example, to load up Microsoft's simple editing program, you had to type the name of the drive that the program was on, Driver Epson L350the directory that the program was in, and then the name of the program. So if Microsoft Edit was in a directory or folder named "Process," you could start the program by typing, "C:>process\" Then, and only then would the program load up for use.

This is a small command, but just imagine if you had a program that was deeply nested within a series of folder. Driver Epson tx121xYou could end up typing a command as wide as your computer screen or worse, long enough that the entire command would have to wrap onto the next line! Now imagine having to type these long commands every time that you wanted to start a program. Yikes!

That's one of the reasons why batch files became so popular.Canon PIXMA iP3600 Printer Driver Batch files are small text-based documents that contain a bunch of these commands on their own lines. When executed, they would process each command without the user having to type each and every one of them.

When Windows was developed, the need for typing commands was essentially eradicated thanks to the introduction of the point-and-click (mouse) interface. But this didn't stop the batch file fever that started under MS-DOS - and in some small circles, batch files are still as popular as they were in the beginning. Canon PIXMA iP4000 Printer Driver

Even though you may use Windows XP or Vista, batch files can save you tons of time by automatically starting multiple programs and performing different tasks at the single click of a button. They don't require any extensive programming background and they don't need to be encrypted with some weird, expensive compiler. Batch files are plain text files, and you can build one for your own personal use with Windows' Notepad. Canon imageCLASS MF5960dn Printer Driver

You could make a batch file that loads up your favorite websites at once for example, or you could make a batch file that fills your desktop with the most important applications for the day.Canon PIXMA iP4000R Printer Driver To do so only requires a little knowledge about the locations of these applications.

Let's say that every day we need to load up the Yahoo web browser, Microsoft Word, and then the calculator that comes with Windows. Instead of doing this by hand, we could write a batch file to do it for us. Canon PIXMA iP2702 Printer Driver

First, we'd load up Notepad and type in the following:

START "c:/program files/microsoft office/office/winword.exe"
START "c:/windows/calc.exe"

We would then save this data into a file named, "mytasks.bat" onto the Desktop for easy access. Each time we double-clicked on this file, the Yahoo website would load up, Microsoft Word would start, and the simple calculator would pop up.

Since we want these programs to load every day, we could create a shortcut to this file and then place the shortcut inside our computer's Start Up folder. That way, these three programs would load every time we turn on the computer. If you wanted these programs to start minimized, you could type the following into a batch file instead:

START "c:/program files/microsoft office/office/winword.exe" /m
START "c:/windows/calc.exe" /m

This will run all three programs as before, however the "/m" parameter will minimize them so that they don't clutter up the desktop. Xerox WorkCentre 3615DN Printer Drivers

Other people have found much more creative and effective ways to use batch files, but the important thing is that you know they're a resource you can use to save a few seconds or minutes in performing important tasks. We've come a long way from MS-DOS, but it's still a valuable source of automation that anyone can use with no programming knowledge at all.

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How to Rough-In Electrical Wiring

Do-it-yourself guide with professional techniques for a safe wiring job.
You can save a lot of money by doing your own wiring. Here we'll show you to wire an entire room. Even if you've never picked up an electrical tool in your life, you can safely rough-in wiring by following the directions in this article. You'll learn all of the pro techniques for a wiring job, including choosing the right size receptacle boxes, running cable throughout the room, and making the electrical connections.

How to get started

Plastic boxes and flexible nonmetallic cable (commonly called Romex) put electrical wiring projects within the skill range of every dedicated DIYer. In this article, we’ll show you some basics—how to position outlet and switch boxes and run electrical cable between them. We won’t cover many other details. For help with circuit design and making connections to your main electrical panel, we recommend you consult a licensed electrician.

Besides standard hand tools, you’ll need a special-purpose tool to cut and strip wire. We like the Klein No. 1412 ($18 at hardware stores and home centers). To drill a few holes, use a 3/4-in. spade bit in your electric drill. For larger jobs, rent a heavy-duty right angle drill ($25 per day) and equip it with a 3/4-in. x 6-in. auger bit ($7).

Electrical wiring mistakes can be deadly, so make sure you obtain a permit from your local building department and have the work inspected when you’re finished. Draw a sketch of your room that shows lighting, switch and outlet locations. Review your plan with the inspector and ask whether there are any special requirements.
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Technology is that the Assortment of Techniques

Technology is that the assortment of techniques, skills, methods, and processes employed in the assembly of products or services or within the accomplishment of objectives, like scientific investigation. Technology are often the information of techniques, processes, and also the like, or it are often embedded in machines to permit for operation while not elaborate information of their workings.

The simplest style of technology is that the development and use of basic tools. The prehistoric discovery of the way to management hearth and also the later Neolithic Revolution enhanced the on the market sources of food, and also the invention of the wheel helped humans to travel in and management their atmosphere. Developments in historic times, as well as the machine, the phonephone, and also the net, have lessened physical barriers to communication and allowed humans to act freely on a world scale. The steady progress of military technology has brought weapons of ever-increasing harmful power, from clubs to nuclear weapons.

Technology has several effects. it's helped develop additional advanced economies (including today's international economy) and has allowed the increase of a leisure category. several technological processes manufacture unwanted by-products referred to as pollution and eat up natural resources to the damage of Earth's atmosphere. Innovations have continuously influenced the values of a society and raised new queries of the ethics of technology. Examples embody the increase of the notion of potency in terms of human productivity, and also the challenges of ethics.

Philosophical debates have arisen over the employment of technology, with disagreements over whether or not technology improves the human condition or worsens it. Neo-Luddism, anarcho-primitivism, and similar reactionary movements criticize the generality of technology, argument that it harms the atmosphere and alienates people; proponents of ideologies like transhumanism and techno-progressivism read continuing technological progress as useful to society and also the human condition.
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Bathrooms Designs Minimalis

Bathrooms ar infamous for accumulating clutter toiletries, makeup, and improvement product simply gather. And if you share a toilet with alternative relations, you've got the extra struggle of competitory for area. attempt these cheap  (but high-impact!) solutions for turning a median self-importance into a diligent lavatory storage center.

Many vanities keep company with deep cupboards, wherever things stray in their recesses. Get a lot of storage out of this space by removing the cupboard doors and putting in shelves instead. Line up ornamental bins to corral bathroom tissue, improvement provides, and shampoo bottles. Tuck a clothes basket into one in every of the open cupboard boxes. Open storage helps you see what you've got at a look. it's the additional advantage of supplying you with a reason to arrange, since everything is on show.

Repurpose AN X-shape organizer designed for wine bottles as a towel holder. Rolled towels fill area a lot of expeditiously than rolled ones, and also the geometric style adds visual interest. Plus, you will want you are at a spa once you attend grab a towel!

Hair dryers and flat irons realize a range in a shallow receptacle. Coordinate the receptacle to your alternative bins for a cohesive look. do not scorch your counter! A metal receptacle permits your hair tools to cool down off safely.

The number one rule of maximising cupboard space in any space is to assume vertical. Wall-mounted open shelves do the trick. Organize little things like cotton swabs in clear jars thus they are simply visible. there is not any have to be compelled to dig through others' stuff once you organize personal things in labelled bins. decide bins of a similar size and color for a symmetrical, orderly show. establish every bin's owner with letter stickers.

Don't waste valuable tabletop real estate! This applied science toothbrush holder keeps these things from cluttering the realm round the sink. We'll allow you to in on another secret: this tiny instrumentality was truly a implement holder from the room aisle. opt for a dishwasher-safe version for straightforward improvement.
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Circuits Schematic

Your Main Panel. Your central breaker panel (or fusebox) directs electricity through your home as variety of separate circuits, every flowing "out" from its own fuse (or fuse) on one wire and arriving from no matter is mistreatment the electricity to a different affiliation within the panel by suggests that of another wire. The breaker or fuse can interrupt the present (the flow) if it ever starts to approach a dangerous level. This diagram compares a main panel as I even have diagrammed it to this point, with however a typical panel is arranged:
There is also within the panel a definite "main" breaker that may shut off power to most or all the circuits. If not, there may be one close to the facility company's meter. These devices mechanically flip power off, however connections at anyone of those points -- at the meter, at the most breaker, within the most breaker -- will fail or become unreliable, disrupting some or all the facility in your home.

A circuit could be a path over that electrical phenomenon will ensue and to an electrical supply. this idea may use some clarification. If it were perpetually as easy as current from the supply following just one attainable path bent one lightweight and back by one come back path, then the operation or malfunction of a circuit would be simple to know. however it's not thus easy. This diagram helps you to trace the trail of 1 circuit because it goes through your system:
Code and convention outline a circuit in a very home as having its supply at one in every of the home's circuit breakers or fuses. Taking this because the basis of the electrical supply, then, we {are going to} notice that the majority circuits in a very home are complicated, involving sub-branches like those of a tree.

By Code, a frenzied circuit is employed for every of most giant appliances just like the range, electrical warmer, cooling system, or electrical dryer; these still as electrical heaters can have 2 (joined) breakers so as to use 240 volts instead of the one hundred twenty volts utilized by most different things. a frenzied circuit of one hundred twenty volts is typically provided for every dishwasher, disposal, gas or furnace, and garments washer. Most different 120-volt circuits tend to serve variety (from two to 20) of lights and plug-in shops. There ar sometimes 2 circuits for the shops within the kitchen/dining space, and these use a heavier wire capable of twenty amps of flow.

Circuits serving over one outlet or lightweight pass power on to sequent locations by suggests that of connections within the device itself or within the box the device is mounted in. thus on anyone circuit there ar several places wherever electricity will fail to urge through -- from the fuse and its connections, through variety of connections at devices and boxes, through switches, and at the contacts of a receptacle wherever you plug one thing in. Troubleshooting electrical issues in your house can rely upon a basic grasp of those matters. (Want assistance on the way to label your panel's circuits?)

Sometimes the behavior of electricity in a very house is explained by a comparison with plumbing. Water and what it will ar less abstract. however the analogy is extremely restricted. it's true that water pressure (voltage) through bound|a particular|an exact|a precise|a definite|an explicit} size of pipe or nose (resistance) may result in a very certain rate of flow (current), which an explicit range of gallons (kilowatt-hours) can thereby be delivered. however what would a circuit mean -- in plumbing terms? Water pressure ends at the sink or out on the field on the far side the mechanical device. The come back of hot-water tank to a reservoir is extremely round-about. Electrical wiring could be a tighter system, a additional closed system.
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Electrical System elements

The electrical system consists of the road from the pole, a meter wherever electrical usage is tallied, a main fuse panel (sometimes referred to as load centers and, in older homes, fuse panels), separate wiring circuits to any or all the rooms within the home, outlets, lightweight fixture boxes, and varied hard-wired appliances.

The Meter

The main line generally comes off a pole (but can even be buried underground) to the house wherever it connects to the meter. Meters ar generally put in on the outside of the house, wherever they'll be scan by utility company meter-readers. Most meters ar mechanical, with a spinning machine and mechanical show of numbers. Some newer meters ar digital, showing a show on Associate in Nursing LCD screen. The meter tallies the quantity of electricity utilized in a place units of power unit hours (kWh). the full increase within the range of kWh from one month to following is that the range employed by the electrical utility for your bill.
Mike Ashenfelter, Safe Electricity planning board Member adds, Most meters work just one means, adding up electricity flowing into a home. Some smart meters, used on homes that generate renewable energy from wind or star, can count electricity flowing each into and out of a home. this permits householders generating renewable energy to sell excess renewable electricity back to the electrical utility.

While it's attainable to put in a weather-proof main breaker panel, most main breaker panels ar put in within the house. once the most electrical itinerary leaves the meter, it enters the house and arrives next at the most breaker panel at the most fuse.

The maximum quantity of electricity that a home will use at just the once is set by the dimensions of the most breaker. The breaker may be a variety of switch, set to flip off just in case of Associate in Nursing overload within the home, reducing the danger of fireplace or electrocution. hottest homes can have two hundred amp (short for amperage) service, whereas Associate in Nursing older home would possibly solely have one hundred amp service and a bigger home four hundred amp service. If you are inquisitive about your homes electrical service, open the most breaker panel and appearance for the most important breaker switch within the panel, sometimes mounted at the highest of the panel. the quantity on the switch can tell you the full amps of your homes electrical service.

Below the most breaker, electrical service is split up by smaller circuit breakers that govern the quantity of electricity out there to every circuit. Those circuits sometimes represent individual rooms, however may additionally represent hard-wired appliances like air-conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters. So, as an example, of the two hundred amps out there to a home, the room might have 2 twenty amp circuits, the chamber might have a fifteen amp circuit, the air-conditioner a thirty amp circuit, and so on. These circuit breakers work a lot of an equivalent because the main breaker  if Associate in Nursing electrical overload happens, the breaker mechanically shuts off the electricity to the circuit, reducing the prospect of fireplace.

Each circuit ought to be clearly tagged on the within of the most breaker panel door (i.e. living roomor air-conditioner. this can build it simple to grasp that breakers management that rooms or hard-wired appliances after you got to flip them off to exchange a switch or outlet or perform maintenance on a hard-wired appliance.

Be aware that some older homes should use fuses rather than breakers. Fuses ar meant to be weak links in Associate in Nursing electric circuit that burn out safely once Associate in Nursing overload happens on a circuit before the circuit itself will overload and cause a hearth. Once a fuse burns out, the overload should be mounted and therefore the fuse then should get replaced by a brand new fuse with an equivalent amp rating before the circuit can work once more. ne'er replace a bigger fuse with a smaller one. Thats as a result of wires ar rated in electrical phenomenon conjointly, therefore the fuse and wire size ar determined by the load demand of the electric circuit. This older variety of system is a smaller amount safe than the newer, breaker-based systems.
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